Learning college again when needing it

I’m learning Front end development in FCC (freecodecamp.org), and I’m doing the Intermediate algorithms challenge now. Long story short: I’m researching recursion again to solve a challenge, although I’ve learnt it in my first year in college :/

This reminds me of my idea to make a blog about  relearning what I’ve studied in college! Although it’s not simply restudying, because now I see it’s not reading is what I need, but reading combined with practicing.

This last idea actually is very similar to an article I’ve read lately about mastery and the 10,000 hours rule for mastery, that what you should do in those 10,000 hours is 3 things:

  1. Learn.
  2. Practice.
  3. Teach.



Yes, I didn’t continue writing blog posts, however I’m still alive and life is going on.

I focused recently somehow on my day time, Free Code Camp (I’m working on the front end certificate, and wrote my CV and sent it for a potential employer for a part time job in front end development.

I have a 4 day streak in FCC and I’m happy about it, and looking forward for more consistency 😀

Yeah that’s it for now.

Distractions, life’s concerns

I’ve missed one day and didn’t write, I didn’t learn WordPress. We went shopping. It was a busy day.

Today I worked a bit. Wasted a lot of time. And I looked for work on freelance sites, although I feel I should focus more on my full-time job.

There’s not a lot of opportunities on those sites, and I know it would be much better to focus on learning programming and developing myself.

I’ve read new nice articles:

One of them is: How to Train Your Brain to Get What You Want in 60 Days

It’s nice and mainly says to decide what you want at the first place! I read most of another one:

How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do

It’s pretty nice and I’ll continue reading it later.

I’m not sure now what will I do tomorrow, but I think I’ll mainly focus on focusing on my job and on learning WordPress and programming.

Although I had in mind that I want to find income no matter how small in 10 days.

Tomorrow’s post will reveal what path I took.